Europe’s Troubles


Businesses and entrepreneurs in Europe face a challenging environment. While Europe boasts a large consumer market and skilled workforce, it also comes with high costs, regulations, and barriers to growth. These challenges have led some companies and business owners to look for opportunities elsewhere.

One alternative destination that offers advantages over Europe is Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai in particular has emerged as a leading global business hub thanks to economic policies aimed at attracting foreign investment and talent. For many companies, expanding operations to Dubai or moving headquarters there can alleviate pain points experienced in Europe.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the key issues facing European businesses and how Dubai provides solutions. Whether grappling with high tax rates, bureaucratic red tape, rigid labor laws or limited growth prospects, Dubai offers benefits that make relocation an appealing option. By highlighting Dubai’s business-friendly environment, infrastructure and lifestyle perks, we’ll uncover why more European companies are pursuing opportunities in this Middle Eastern metropolis.


High Taxes in Europe

Many European countries have high corporate tax rates compared to the UAE. For example, the average corporate tax rate in the EU is around 22%, with rates as high as 30% in countries like France and Belgium. Some major economies like Germany and the UK also have fairly high corporate taxes around 25-30%.

Meanwhile, the UAE has no federal corporate income tax. The only tax businesses pay in Dubai is a 5% VAT. This huge difference in tax rates provides a major cost advantage for businesses locating in the UAE vs Europe. Establishing headquarters in Dubai can result in massive tax savings and improved profit margins.

The high corporate taxes in Europe reduce how much businesses can reinvest in growth. They must pay significant portions of their earnings to the government. This makes Europe less attractive for entrepreneurs and companies focused on expansion and maximizing profits. The UAE’s extremely business-friendly tax environment gives companies significantly more capital to invest in R&D, new products and services, marketing, hiring top talent, and other growth initiatives.



Europe is known for its complex bureaucracy and red tape that businesses must deal with. Opening and operating a business often requires navigating a maze of permits, regulations, and paperwork. Compliance costs for meeting all the rules and reporting requirements can be extremely high. Even small changes to a business often require filing updated paperwork and reports. Many regulations differ across Europe too, so expanding into new countries involves learning additional bureaucratic processes.

The European Commission has worked to simplify bureaucracy under initiatives like the Startup Europe Partnership. However, progress remains slow. Entrepreneurs consistently cite frustrating bureaucracy and red tape as a major pain point for doing business in Europe. The administrative burden diverts important time and resources away from innovation and growth.

In contrast, the United Arab Emirates and Dubai offer much more business-friendly regulations and paperwork requirements. There are initiatives in place to cut red tape and make compliance easier through technology and streamlined procedures. Establishing and operating a business in a free zone in Dubai involves minimal bureaucracy. The difference compared to Europe is like night and day for many entrepreneurs. The ease of doing business is a major draw that encourages new business formation and expansion in the UAE.


Friendlier Labor Laws

The labor laws in many European countries can be restrictive and burdensome for businesses. Workers have extensive rights and protections, which leads to high costs and rigid policies around hiring and firing employees. For example, some countries like France have a 35-hour work week limit and Germany requires co-determination which gives workers representation on company boards.

In contrast, the UAE offers more flexible labor regulations that favor employers. There are no limits on working hours or mandatory vacation and severance pay requirements are minimal. The UAE also utilizes a sponsorship system, so employees need their employer’s permission to change jobs. This gives companies more stability and control over their workforce compared to Europe.

Overall, the less restrictive labor environment helps attract foreign investment and enables businesses to operate with lower overhead. Entrepreneurs and companies frustrated by rigid hiring and employment laws in Europe may find the UAE’s employment policies to be a competitive advantage. The ability to freely structure work arrangements and minimize labor compliance costs can be a major draw.


Access to Finance

Access to financing and investment capital is a significant challenge for entrepreneurs and startups in many European countries. Traditional bank lending practices can make it difficult for new companies with limited operating history and assets to qualify for loans at reasonable rates. Venture capital markets also tend to be less developed than in other regions like the United States.

For example, in 2017 the total value of venture capital investments in Europe was €19 billion, compared to €84 billion in the United States. Many European startups end up looking to U.S. investors and firms when seeking early stage funding. The lack of abundant risk capital makes it hard for innovative startups to get off the ground and scale up operations.

European governments have tried addressing this issue by establishing state-sponsored venture capital funds and tax incentives for investors. However, the startup funding ecosystem has yet to mature to the level seen in other major economies. For entrepreneurs used to the dynamic financing environment of Silicon Valley or New York, the conservative nature of Europe’s financial sector can seem stifling.

The difficulties in securing adequate investment and loans for new innovative businesses drives many entrepreneurs to look abroad. Financial hubs like Dubai and Singapore offer easier access to various funding sources from venture capital, private equity, angel investors and more. Their pro-business environments can be very appealing for European startups looking to grow and scale up quickly.


Limited Growth Opportunities

European markets tend to be more mature and saturated compared to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which presents challenges for growth-oriented businesses. Many sectors in Europe already have well-established players and high levels of competition. Market share can be difficult to gain organically without disruptive innovations or aggressive tactics.

In contrast, the UAE still has a rapidly growing economy and population. Many market segments have yet to reach maturity, giving new entrants more runway for growth. The UAE’s strategic geographic location also provides access to emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. This enables companies to expand internationally from a regional hub in the UAE.

With its pro-business environment and world-class infrastructure, the UAE provides an ideal base for entrepreneurs looking to build, launch, and scale new brands and ventures in untapped markets. Setting up operations in leading Emirati cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi allows access to a modern ecosystem and facilities designed to nurture innovation and growth.

Rather than struggling to carve out market share in highly competitive European markets, growth-focused enterprises can thrive in the UAE’s dynamic economy and leverage the country as a springboard for broader regional and global growth. The promising demographics, rising spending power, and supportive government policies in the UAE create an attractive environment for ambitious businesses ready to innovate.

Quality of Life

The UAE, and Dubai in particular, offers a significantly higher quality of life compared to many places in Europe. The sunny climate, modern amenities, and tax-free salaries allow for a comfortable lifestyle.

Dubai has high-quality international schools, world-class healthcare, luxury shopping malls, beaches, resorts, restaurants, and an impressive skyline. The city offers a wide array of leisure activities, entertainment, and tourism attractions.

In contrast, the climate in much of Europe is relatively dreary, with long cold winters. Taxes eat away at salaries, reducing disposable income. Congestion and pollution are problems in major European cities. Access to quality healthcare and schooling can be challenging.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, the draw of an exotic location, warm climate, and outdoor lifestyle provides a welcome change from Europe’s urban environments. The opportunity to enjoy life outside of work, with less stress and more savings, makes the UAE an appealing option.


Business Infrastructure

Dubai and the UAE as a whole offer state-of-the-art business infrastructure that is unmatched globally. The country has invested heavily in developing a world-class infrastructure to support and attract international companies.

Some of the key advantages of the infrastructure in the UAE include:

  • Advanced telecommunications network: The UAE has one of the most advanced telecom and IT infrastructure globally, with high mobile and broadband penetration. 5G networks are already being rolled out across the country. This enables seamless connectivity and efficiency for businesses.
  • Ports and logistics: Dubai is home to Jebel Ali Port, the largest man-made harbor in the world and the biggest port in the Middle East. The UAE’s ports and logistics infrastructure make it a hub for global trade and commerce.
  • Airport connectivity: The UAE has several international airports that connect it to the world. Emirates airline offers direct flights to over 150 destinations. This enables convenient business travel and transportation of goods.
  • Free economic zones: There are over 45 free zones in the UAE that offer customized benefits, infrastructure and services for companies. These enable ease of business setup and operations.
  • Smart government services: The UAE has been a pioneer in e-government services, offering speed and convenience. Services like digital payments, online business licensing, digital contracts etc. optimize business processes.
  • Sustainability: Dubai has been a leader in sustainable infrastructure. It has green buildings, solar energy projects, green mobility initiatives that provide an environmentally-friendly ecosystem.


The advanced infrastructure and technology landscape in the UAE offers seamless connectivity, efficiency and convenience for businesses. This enables companies to operate at their highest potential.


Global Connectivity

Dubai is more connected globally than most European cities. Its airport ranks as the world’s busiest for international travel, with routes to over 230 destinations. This enables convenient travel to markets in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and beyond.

In addition, the UAE is strategically located between Europe and Asia, providing easy access to over 2 billion consumers within a 4 hour flight radius. The country has spent billions of dollars developing state-of-the-art transportation infrastructure, including airports, sea ports, roads and rail links.

For European companies looking to expand, Dubai serves as the perfect location for reaching high-growth emerging markets. Setting up regional headquarters there provides proximity to countries like Saudi Arabia, India, and many African nations. The advanced infrastructure ensures smooth connectivity and efficient business operations across a diverse region.

In summary, Dubai offers unparalleled global connectivity that European cities lack. Its world-class infrastructure provides rapid access to some of the fastest growing consumer markets. This geographic advantage makes it an ideal hub for companies aiming to expand their international presence.



The United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, offer compelling advantages for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand or relocate compared to many places in Europe. From more favorable tax policies and fewer bureaucratic hurdles to the availability of financing and a strong business infrastructure, the case for considering the move is strong.

To recap, some of the key reasons a business may want to relocate from Europe to the UAE include:

  • Lower corporate tax rates and import duties make it less costly to operate
  • Streamlined business registration and licensing processes save time
  • Access to funding through local banks, investors and government incentives
  • High-quality logistics and transportation links for global trade
  • Excellent ICT infrastructure and free trade zones
  • Cosmopolitan cities with high living standards attract international talent
  • Strategic location connecting East and West


For companies feeling limited by regulations or lack of opportunities in Europe, the Emirates offer an appealing alternative with both financial incentives and an business-friendly environment. The future looks bright for enterprises ready to make the most of what the UAE has to offer.

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