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Setup your New Business in Dubai within 48 hours

A well-reputed and trusted Emarati-managed company formation specialist in Dubai.

Straight-forward, mainland company formation services in Dubai, complete with state-of-the-art workspace, admin and marketing support.

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Setup your New Business in Dubai

Why DBS Corporate Services

  • Emirati-owned & operated business
  • 30+ years experience in company formations
  • Strong ties to local government entities
  • Set-up of fully-fletched mainland company
  • Freedom to conduct business anywhere in the UAE
  • Broad scope of trade & business activities
  • Business license issued within 48 hours
  • Extensive professional network in Dubai and UAE
  • State-of-the-art office space close to Dubai airport
  • All-in-one solution; Transparent price & no hidden fees

Success Stories

Insights from business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors who have setup their business in Dubai: Learn from their experiences and unlock your potential with us.

Nino A.
Nino A.
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Exceptional service! I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of DBS Corporate Service. From start to finish, they exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The team was incredibly knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive, making the entire process seamless and stress-free. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-notch corporate solutions. Thank you for your outstanding assistance!
Algirdas B.
Algirdas B.
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I would like to share my wonderful experience with DBS Corporate Services. I never believed that matters could be handled so effortlessly. This could very well be the company's credo: "Making hard things simple!" Special thanks to Mohamed and Wendy, who take care of everything excellently and professionally. Everything runs smoothly and without any stress. It is great to work together!
Brano S.
Brano S.
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The service I have received whilst setting up my new business has been exceptional. The team at DBS went over and above every step of the way.
Alex W.
Alex W.
Managing Partner
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I first set up a company in a freezone with a different service provider and faced many issues afterwards and felt left alone with high additional costs. With DBS I had a great overall experience and felt to be in very good hands. My tight timeline was met and I received all the support I needed. Very hands-on approach by DBS which took away a lot of time consuming admin tasks. 100% recommend!
Dario B.
Dario B.
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The services DBS provides have been invaluable to my business over the last two years. Nothing is too much trouble for the team.
Felix S.
Felix S.
Business Partner
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DBS provides the full package. In fact they over delivered as the process was not only fast and on time, furthermore the service along the way was fantastic. Probably one of the very few business service provider in the field that work 100% professional.

Package Includes

Why spend more than necessary? Optimize your business setup costs today and take control of your expenses!

UAE Investor Visa

Business Trade License

Establishment Card

VIP Medical Test

Emirates I.D.

Executive/Virtual Office

Why Dubai is the Perfect Business Destination

Reasons why you should start your business in Dubai – The Land of Business Opportunities

Do Business Anywhere

You can carry out your business anywhere in the UAE with no restrictions of any kind.

Exchange Currency

Mainland companies in UAE do not face stringent currency exchange regulations.

Capital Incentives

There is no minimum capital requirement to set up a mainland business in the UAE.

Thriving Economy

Dubai's diverse economy and robust infrastructure provide a fertile foundation for business success.

Safety & Political Stability

A safe and stable environment for business and to raise a family, making it one of the world’s most-visited destinations.

Strategic Location

Positioned between Europe, Asia, and Africa, provides a convenient reach of major emerging markets, looking to tap into rapidly growing economies.

Favorable Corporate Rates

Mainland companies - including those owned by foreign investors - can retain 91% of their profit after an AED 375,000 threshold.

Zero Personal Income Charges

Send back 100% of your private income to your home country, provided that you hold a UAE Residence Visa and do not maintain an official place of residence outside the UAE.

Convenient Hub Location

Dubai and the UAE are the gateway to the Middle East, opening the doors to business opportunities throughout the GCC region.

Partners & Affiliates

Our well-established affiliation with government authorities facilitates our access to valuable resources and support. We strictly adhere to government regulations and standards, positioning us as reliable and trustworthy partners.

State of the Art Office Space

Close to Dubai Airport with stunning Executive Offices & Co Working Space. Fully furnished with dedicated workstations, telephones, high-speed internet and other amenities.

Find out how much it costs to setup your business today!


Simplify your Business Setup journey to success!

Business Setup Services

We offer a tailored range of services to help setup your business within 24 hours. This includes Trade Licenses, Visas & Residencies, PRO and Consulting services.

Our experts guide you through the entire business setup process, helping with company registration, licensing, visas and other legal requirements to ensure a smooth and efficient establishment of your business in Dubai.

Getting started is easy. Simply fill up this form to receive a free cost estimate. Our team will get in touch with you to meet you and offer you a complimentary consultation, where we will guide you through the process, understanding your requirements and recommending the most suitable services for your business in Dubai.

We aim to set up your new business in Dubai within 48hrs of receiving all the requested documents. You will need to have details of your chosen business activity, passport copies and details of shareholders and up to three business names in mind. If you are unsure which activity suits your business best, we will be happy to discuss over a no-obligation call.

  • A signed copy of the terms and conditions
  • The Shareholder’s updated documents (passport and visa copies)
  • Choice of business activity
  • Three choices for business names

To sell your company you will need the Immigration pre-approval of the new owner(s), to return all original company documents and have a signed sale of shares forms between the buyer and seller.

It should be noted that other requirements may be applicable subject to jurisdiction of incorporation or application. Requirements are subject to change from time to time with or without prior notice. Please speak to a member of the Relationship Management Department to find out more.

Tax & Vat Services

Yes, all companies must register and file annual tax returns, even if the revenue does not meet the minimum for Corporate Tax. Our specialist accounting team can support you every step of the way.

The standard VAT rate in Dubai is 5%. However, certain goods and services may be subject to a zero rate or exempted. Understanding the applicable rates is crucial for accurate compliance.

If your company’s annual taxable supplies and imports exceed the mandatory registration threshold, which is AED 375,000, then you are required to register for VAT in Dubai.

Yes, businesses can claim input tax credits on the VAT they pay on goods and services used for business purposes. This helps in reducing the overall VAT liability.

Absolutely, our team includes experts well-versed in Dubai’s VAT regulations. We can provide consultations, training sessions, and resources to help you understand and comply with the VAT requirements applicable to your business.

Support Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services including Private Offices, Co-working Space and Meeting Room Hire. We also provide Admin Support, Consulting, Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design & Social, Photography & Filmmaking, Print Production, Travel & Relocation services.

Yes, our meeting room hire service is flexible, allowing you to rent meeting rooms for short durations, ensuring you have access to professional spaces whenever you need them.

Our co-working spaces come fully equipped with workstations and meeting rooms complete with smart TVs, high-speed internet, modern furniture, and a collaborative environment designed to foster creativity and productivity and a relaxed lounge area ideal for informal gatherings.

Our Admin Support services cover a range of activities, including administrative assistance and business support services. Our marketing team can tailor a marketing strategy that will best suit your business to help you focus on your core business activities.

Absolutely, our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide customized solutions.

Our commitment to personalized service, local expertise, strong relationships with partners and government entities, and a comprehensive suite of offerings make us a preferred choice. We strive to exceed client expectations by delivering reliable and efficient solutions.

Our team will assist you in property search services, helping you find residential and commercial properties that meet your specific requirements in Dubai. Our goal is to simplify the process and make property hunting hassle-free.

Our team will assist you in connecting you with maid services agency to meet your domestic assistance needs. The maids are trained, reliable, and professional, offering a range of services to make your daily life more convenient.

Visa Services

A dependant’s visa will require approximately 1-3 weeks to process. This timeframe is an estimate and can be sooner. Visa issuance can be delayed or rejected due to Government security approvals.