Business Setup in Dubai UAE in 48hrs.

Everything you need to know with a comprehensive support for the swift initiation of your new business venture. Our VIP priority service ensures personalized assistance, expediting your Business Setup in Dubai UAE within a mere 48 hours.

Business Setup in Dubai UAE

We support you through every step of your Business Setup in Dubai UAE, from registration to ongoing support.

Sure, setting up a new business can be a daunting task. It can take weeks or months to get your business setup and operational in the UAE. But it doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, we make it look like a breeze.

Mainland Company Business Setup in Dubai UAE

A mainland company is established and registered in the mainland or onshore area of the United Arab Emirates, as opposed to being located in a free zone. Local regulations and laws, including those related to business ownership and operation, apply.

Mainland company establishments can vary from a sole establishment, partnership, LLC or a local branch. The setup process involves obtaining approval from the Department of Economy & Tourism in the respective emirate.

Benefits of Mainland Licensing in Dubai

Do Business Anywhere

You can carry out your business anywhere in the UAE with no restrictions of any kind.

Exchange Currency

Mainland companies in UAE do not face stringent currency exchange regulations.

Capital Incentives

There is no minimum capital requirement to set up a mainland business in the UAE.

Low Corporate Tax

Mainland companies - including those owned by foreign investors - have the benefit of 9% tax only with AED 375,000 threshold.

Income Tax Exemptions

Private income in the UAE is 100% tax-free provided that you hold a UAE Residence Visa and no longer have an official place of residence outside the UAE.

Convenient Hub Location

Dubai and the UAE are the gateway to the Middle East, opening the doors to business opportunities throughout the GCC region.

Choose a License Type for your Business Setup in Dubai

Getting a professional license is like saying, “I’ve got some serious know-how in these specific services.” To grab one, you just need to have the skills or training that match up with the job. It’s all about showing you’ve got what it takes for those particular services.

Setting up shop as a mainland company in the UAE means you’ve gotta get your hands on a commercial trade license. It’s a basic must-have if you want to dive into buying and selling stuff. This license is basically your golden ticket to legally go about your business in the country.

If you’re into industries in the UAE, you gotta snag yourself one of those essential industrial trade licenses. It’s a must-do to play by the rules and stay in line with all those strict regulations. This license shows you’re all about safety, following the environment rules, and running a responsible operation. It’s like your badge for being a solid and responsible player in the industrial game.

If you’re running a hotel, restaurant, or travel agency in the tourism game, you gotta make sure you grab the right license. It’s a must-have to show you’re playing by the rules and keeping things legit in the ever-changing world of tourism.

Choose a Legal Structure for your
Business Setup in Dubai

When establishing a mainland business in Dubai, entrepreneurs have the flexibility to select from various legal entities. This diversity empowers them to discern and adopt a structure that impeccably aligns with their specific needs and prevailing circumstances. Have you strategically aligned your company’s structure with its overarching goals?

Required Documents Checklist

Below is the comprehensive list of requisite documents necessary for a Business Setup in Dubai UAE.

  • Passport Copy (valid for at least 6 months)
  • Visa Page Copy (if applicable)
  • Emirates ID (if applicable)
  • Passport-sized Photos
  • Personal Information Sheet or Application Form
  • 3 Business Name Choices
  • Company Trade License / Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Board of Resolution for Company Setup and Appointment of Authorized Signatory
  • UBO List
  • Incumbency Certificate
  • 3 Name Choices
  • Passport copy of Company Manager
  • Visa copy of Company Manager
  • Emirates ID of Company Manager

Our Efficient Timeline

A hallmark of our service excellence is our exceptional efficiency, delivering results in a highly competitive and timely manner. Our commitment to VIP priority ensures our clients receive expedited and distinguished personalized service.

1. Consultation

Business Setup in Dubai

In order to provide you with an individual offer, we have to get some information regarding your plans in the UAE. We walk you through the whole process and clarify your inquiries.

2. Registration & Submission

Business Setup in Dubai

Once the all documents have been received and payment has been done, we will submit your documents, setup your licenses and process your visa/s.

3. Handover & Relocation

Business Setup in Dubai

Finally, we will provide you all the finalized legal documents and support you to find your new home in the UAE.

Steps for a Business Setup in Dubai

Below are the steps to setup the formation of a company in Dubai.

Business Activity

Select the type of business and activity you aspire to pursue; this decision marks the inception of your entrepreneurial journey in the UAE, akin to the initial stride of your business expedition.

Business Structure

Decide on the legal framework for your business, tailoring rules and structure to align seamlessly with your business plan, objectives, and ownership model.

Brand Registration

Craft a company name that aligns with your objectives and target audience; ensure its official registration to safeguard your brand, ensuring recognition and compliance with UAE laws.

Application Submission​

We'll initiate and submit the application for the appropriate trade license to get the approval. Which serving as the legal authorization to conduct operations in the market.


With over 5,000 square feet of sophisticated space, our amenities include wide selection of private executive offices and co-working areas hosting many workstations.

Business Registration​

Once the registration has been done with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, you can commence your business operations, enabling you to serve customers and engage in business activities in Dubai, UAE and global markets.

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What our clients have to say

The service I have received whilst setting up my new business has been exceptional. The team at DBS went over and above every step of the way.

Brano CEO

The best service in Dubai.

Patryk CEO

I can't believe how quickly DBS managed to get everything in place.

Emma Director

The services DBS provides have been invaluable to my business over the last two years. Nothing is too much trouble for the team.

Darius CEO

Partners & Affiliates

Our well-established affiliation with government authorities facilitates our access to valuable resources and support. We strictly adhere to government regulations and standards, positioning us as reliable and trustworthy partners.

Fully Comprehensive Solution​

We have designed our business setup service to tick all of the boxes for you. In addition to a free consultation and expert advice, navigating the legal aspects of setting up your business and getting you settled with residency, we also include a range of services to save you time and hassle.

Local Agent Support

A local service agent is so much more than a name on a piece of paper. We actively support you and your business and help you navigate the UAE’s business world the whole year long.

Visas and Residency

Once you have your own residency in place, you may require residency for your family or want to bring on employees. Our in-house PRO is responsive and always ready to support. He will navigate the entire process for you so you won’t need to lift a finger.

From branding to travel arrangements, our support services team go above and beyond to handle everyday tasks so that you can focus on building and growing your business.

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